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Our firm is dedicated to providing quality legal solutions and transactional expertise for modern markets.


        LoMonaco & LoMonaco, LLP is a Libertyville law firm specializing in business law, commercial and residential real estate law, and estate planning.  Our expertise is based upon more than 30 years of experience as attorneys in Lake County. We believe in honesty, transparency, and integrity as the guiding principles behind all of our professional relationships.  Our representation will always take into account both the practical and theoretical best interests of our clients.  We strive to bring real value by providing cost effective expertise to every situation and every client. We have a broad spectrum of clients ranging from individual consumers, homeowner's associations, commercial builders, small businesses, entrepreneurs,  manufacturers, and technology companies.

Our clients receive unparalleled and personalized service to meet their needs. While we specialize in business and real estate law, the truth is, we will do anything for our clients.  In order to ensure that we can provide our existing clients with the best service possible, we stay on top of emerging legal issues in all areas of the law. This gives us the ability to take cases outside the realm of business and real estate law but still provide the same level of exceptional service our clients have come to expect.